Swirl Painting A Jackson Guitar With Borax Method And Humbrols Part 1

Swirl Painting a Jackson Guitar with Borax Method and Humbrols PART 1

March 2, 2014

Here's a video of my first swirl. I did it on a Jackson JDR-94 Concept. Thanks to MrDean2005 and the guys at sevenstring.org for their advice. Humbrol Colors used: Gloss, Brunswick Green, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 3 Gloss, French Blue, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 14 Gloss, Black, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 21 Gloss, Sea Blue, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 47 Rust-oleum Painter's Touch white base coat Song: Marco Sfogli - Genius. Buy his stuff. He's incredibleyoutube